LUISA es una dramática y conmovedora historia que se desarrolla entre 1813 y 1818. Juan Bautista Arismendi y Luisa Cáceres, dos seres separados por la guerra, deberán luchar contra traiciones, amenazas, torturas y el encarcelamiento de Luisa, quien se enfrenta a una tragedia más cuando se entera que esta embarazada en plena mazmorra y en las perores condiciones. Una historia ... Read More »



In a troubled political environment, in 2002 Venezuela lived three days of anxiety and uncertainty. Different sectors of society exert increasing pressure, opposing President Hugo Chavez. The conflict scale unimagined levels and affected the government and the opposition people are victims. tragic moments, the meeting place is the hospital where they get injured and killed in both sectors. Read More »

Desde allá


In the restive Caracas, Armando (50), owner of a laboratory dentures, young men looking at bus stops and offers them money to accompany him home in order to watch them. also it has a habit of spying on a man older: know where you live, what places he visits; among them there is a link back to the past. One ... Read More »



Patricia is a lawyer who sees his life shattered when his son Victor disappears from school. When the boy returns home, she said a man tried to abduct him and recognizes him in an identification parade. But as the evidence is not definitive, the suspect is released. Afraid that something might happen to her son, Patricia decides to violate the ... Read More »

Los Nadie


Love, hate, broken promises and five brothers known street in the middle of a hostile city. The one, young people united by wanderlust, found in street art and music, the place of refuge and an opportunity to escape.   Read More »



Where does the time lost? Is it done or destination is next? Five stories intertwine in the pursuit of dreams, nostalgia for the past and life passing before our eyes. A boxer wants more than a win. A former inmate needs to get back on track after 30 years. A street sweeper who has a unique dream. An aide dedicated ... Read More »

El Lamento


A road, an accident, a fatal decision are sufficient for Carlos Luna change the course of his life completely. Now Carlos Luna has a secret. A secret that is beginning to reveal through strange events that make your life on a roulette wheel. Police suspect him and what he has done, but the mysterious disappearance of the plane they were ... Read More »

Café Society


Los Angeles, 30s, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), nephew of a powerful Hollywood agent and producer (Steve Carell), falls for the pretty secretary (Kristen Stewart) his uncle. Read More »

Star Trek Beyond


The USS Enterprise, the flagship of Starfleet led by Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), returns to cross the universe to ensure the protection of Earth and other planets allies. But the calm will not last long and the danger lurks. The first stage of his mission will take into uncharted territory, and monitoring their journey soon become a race ... Read More »