La niña de la mina


In Guanajuato, after a girl disappears inside a mine two security experts traveling from the US to conduct an inspection without suspecting that a dark legend is responsible for the brutal crimes committed within their tunnels. Read More »

La última fiesta


Alan (Nico Vazquez), Dante (Alan Sabbagh) and Pedro (Benjamin Amadeo) are three inseparable friends who grew up together from very small. One ends a long relationship with his girlfriend and is lovingly disconsolate. His two friends decide to cheer organizing a mega-party uncontrolled. The party will be a success except for one detail; the house had been provided by a ... Read More »

Armonías del caos


Dawns, and as every day Fernando, son of Alberto and Mariana wife of Fernando repeat the ritual: go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, and go to work. Alberto, and only, it makes your fantasies come alive. But the emergence of an intruder changes his plans. Fernando attend his father’s call and upon arrival will come across a situation where you ... Read More »



Manuel Rico is a widower and lives with her three children: Javi, Barbara and Charly in the family mansion located in the savannah of Bogota. Manuel has consented to their children too to compensate for the absence of her mother but has also been a somewhat absent father for his professional obligations. Overwhelmed by the troubles have raised three irresponsible ... Read More »



Mariana, the eternal love of Willington, is getting married to René cousin Willington. Willington while trying to recover it, the rumor of a thief on the sidewalks and a series of violent deaths that recall old times of fear, endanger the new family of Mariana. Read More »

El coco


A death, a heritage and a lonely mansion will make Piroberta and his friends are in a dark nightmare, where they will be pursued by a fear with which every child grew: COCONUT. However, far from being frightened and escape, they decide heroically confront the evil presence that has taken hold of the house and is not about to be ... Read More »

The girl on the train


Rachel (Emily Blunt) is a woman devastated by her recent divorce that devotes every morning way to work to fantasize about the life of a seemingly perfect couple living in a home for your train passes every day. But Rachel morning witnesses from the train window of a shocking event and is involved in the mystery reveals itself … adaptation ... Read More »

El muerto cuenta su historia


Angel is a fashion advertising director, married and father. Take advantage of their position of power to satisfy his sexual appetite woman who crosses his path. A brotherhood of Celtic goddesses plans to establish universal matriarchy. They have under their control a select group of men who go against the female gender. Angel’s life will be transformed into an ordeal ... Read More »

El choque de dos mundos


In this tense and absorbing film, the audience is placed in the firing line directly in front of two powerful forces: On one side is President Alan Garcia, who, eager to enter the world stage, begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals and gas in the Amazon indigenous land that had remained intact; while on the other hand, the indigenous leader Alberto ... Read More »

Todos los hombres son iguales


Three men in divorce proceedings known during a flight to the Dominican Republic. Befriend and once in the country decide to share a lifestyle, moving together and establishing rules of coexistence of macho style. Remake of the film ‘All the men you are equal’ (1994) directed by Manuel Gómez Pereira same. Read More »