Mafia III


It is the third episode of the Mafia series, which is inspired by a criminal world, this third version is improved and has ambiences in the classic era gangsters. Now is a bet on New Orleans. Become virtually a bonnet seek gain power. Platform: PC Developer: Hangar 13 Distributor: 2K Games Genre: Action, Adventures Release: October 7 de 2016   Read More »

Soccer Players in scandal


A new scandal splashed team and this time involved are Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna, who have staged aan adventure with a woman and the video went viral on social networks. Players who have not denied the incriminating images issued a statement and apologized. “We are aware that as professional footballers should set an example in all areas, especially children, ... Read More »

Queen of Katwe


Phiona Mutesi biopic of a young Ugandan chess prodigy. With 11 years he won the youth championship in his country. Shortly thereafter he could leave Uganda for the first time to go to a tournament in Sudan. And it came to compete at the World Olympiad discipline. Read More »

Maldito seas, Waterfall


ouch Waterfall has many flaws but a great virtue: it lacks economic problems thanks to the income you get renting a building that has inherited the Barrio Los Andes Capital Federal. So the time to spare and looking for literary inspiration frequents slums after-hours in the slums of Buenos Aires, but also glamorous parties in Palermo where rubs shoulders with ... Read More »

Los malditos de Dios


Dr. Hermes Vanth spends most of his day working within the Rivadavia Hospital. Living with fatality is natural for him … until fragments of that fate seems to contaminate your own life. Pursued by an inexplicable string of deaths, both inside and outside the hospital, Hermes discovers something even stranger: the presence of a mysterious old man in each of ... Read More »

Cura Brochero, la película


In 2013, in Cordoba, Argentina, all they are preparing to live the beatification of Cura Brochero. Santiago, independent producer 55, is about to make a film about the life of Cura Brochero. Luciano is an actor with a troubled life, marked by excesses and weaknesses. Their stories intersect when Luciano accepts the proposal to join the film, playing the priest ... Read More »

Las ineses


1985. Carmen and Rosa go together to give birth to the hospital. Women are neighbors and their husbands, Pedro and Ramon black, García.Cuando the last name Garcia know their daughters surprise is undeniable. Pedro believes the drink morochita receiving nurse is not it, and the cries of black Ramon swear that the blonde creature that just handed to his wife, ... Read More »

Siete semillas

•POSTER 1x0,70 mts

Ignacio Rodriguez is the successful manager of a company, founded many years ago by his father. Absorbed in the work, he has forgotten his wife and son; its absence is already routine for your family. His bad temper in the office, in addition to disagreements with its partners, creates an inevitable business and personal crisis, ending Ignacio leading to the ... Read More »

Llévate mis amores


An intimate approach to The Bosses, a group of Mexican women who since 1995 prepared food every day and throw migrants traveling on the freight train Beast, which travels toward the United States. A personal diary charting the frontier between life and playing live the life that is chosen; a brave and dazzling example of love and solidarity that contrasts ... Read More »

La niña de la mina


In Guanajuato, after a girl disappears inside a mine two security experts traveling from the US to conduct an inspection without suspecting that a dark legend is responsible for the brutal crimes committed within their tunnels. Read More »